Final Destination is a weight loss clinic in Whittier, California, that utilizes more than 40 years of combined experience to help our clients slim down. We are focused on a range of non-surgical solutions incorporating everything from nutritional supplements to HCG prescriptions.

We Know Weight Loss
We have personal experience with effective weight loss. One of our participants went on the HCG diet, losing 50 pounds healthily while learning to eat properly and keep the weight off. She was able to eat things she wanted to and still maintain a lower weight. It became her final destination.

A Personal Touch
It is a point of pride that we provide a personal touch and guidance throughout the entire weight loss process. Working with you on a weekly basis, we stay hands-on, which really makes all the difference. You may even see us multiple times a week as we constantly adjust your program for maximum results. If you hit a wall, we will go back and try something different.

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